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Center Church School Of Ministry is dedicated to build the next generation of 5 fold ministers according to Ephesians 5:11-12  


Every Wednesday Evening at 7pm we gather in the Sanctuary of Center Church for biblical instructions, Spiritual applications and real world outreach with a local presence.  Children's Church along with Youth services are provided for the family.

School Information & Registration

Thank you for being part of the difference!

The Center Church School of Ministry Online & In-Person provides an amazing way to study God’s Word and prepare yourself for future ministry through our enhanced study programs, dynamic connections, and a virtual worldwide community of fellow students!

Discover the latest ministry techniques utilizing simple technologies, the powerful common bond with other students around the globe, and an exciting network of study, prayer, and ministry connections!


It’s time for you to take a look at the NEW Center Church School of Ministry, then take the step to make an life-changing impact for the Lord Jesus Christ during the coming months and years!  The School of Ministry will forever change your understanding of ministry and how to reach your community for our coming King Jesus!


Learn more about God’s plan for your life, then get ready to make an lasting impact!

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