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Jesus Born on Sunday Morn

Sunday morning,

bright and new

The world was still,

the sky a hue

Of pinks and oranges,

a sight so fair

As the dawn of Christmas day

drew near

And in a stable,

in a manger bed

A child was born,

the prophets said

To save the world from sin

and shame

This newborn baby,

Jesus by name

His mother Mary,

humble and mild

Watched over him,

her precious child

As angels sang

and shepherds knelt

To honor the savior

that God had dealt

This Sunday morning,

a new light shines

As the world is blessed,

and love aligns

With the birth of Jesus,

our guiding star

Hope and joy fill hearts

near and far

So let us celebrate

this holy morn

And the love

that Jesus freely adorns

On this blessed Sunday,

let love abound

we honor the birth of Christ,

our Lord King, forever crowned!

By Pastor Clark Ortiz

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